Causa, Voices of the Dusk' is a free-to-play collectible card game in development for PC, Consoles & Mobile Devices (PlayCausa - Teaser Trailer). In this intuitive and fast-paced multiplayer game, players assume the role of powerful Leaders struggling to make their faction's ideals prevail in a re-emerging fantasy world.

Apart from the original gameplay, the narrative and the art developed by over 10 Chilean concept artists, the feature that makes this game unique is the possibility of playing both symmetric and asymmetric matches (1vs1, 2vs1, 2vs2). This innovation allows an very entertaining experience that mixes cooperation and competition, as well as more defying and variable campaigns.

Pre-Alpha trailer available here

Hexland Heroes is a puzzle-strategy game for mobile and web. It was inspired by lengthy and hardcore 4X Games, but boiled down to short and sweet puzzles.

The goal of each puzzle is to capture the enemy bases. Place Hexagons along the grid and create a path between the bases. Each turn, allied units will spawn from player controlled bases, and enemy units will spawn from enemy bases. Match the colors on the hexagon's sides to generate movement points to be able to move allied units along the path to fight enemies and capture their bases. Enemies will attack your units and hexagons, and you get a limited amount of hexagons to complete the level, so plan carefully. Rescue stranded heroes to get their help and increase your score.

Players can progress along the world map to uncover more challenging levels. Each level attempt will cost them a life, which are replenished over time or purchased from the store. Players can also purchase power ups with in game currency to help them overcome the harder challenges.

Each level takes about 5 minutes to complete, and the cute characters and challenging puzzles will keep players coming back for more.